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Eberhard Arnold: - Early Christians - God's revolution - Innerland - Salt and light - Selected writings - Why we live in community

Emmy Arnold: - A joyful pilgrimage

Johann Christoph Arnold: - Be not afraid - Why forgive?

J Heinrich Arnold: - Discipleship

St Augustine: - Confessions

Venerable Bede: - Ecclesiastical history of England

St Bernard of Clairvaux: - On loving God

Blumhardt: - Thy Kingdom come (a reader, edited by Vernard Eller)

Horatius Bonar: - God's way of peace - The rent veil

Catherine Booth: - Aggressive christianity - Female teaching

William Booth: - Darkest England - Purity of heart - A vision of the lost

EM Bounds: - The necessity of prayer - The possibility of prayer - Power through prayer - The weapon of prayer

David Brainerd: - Diary - Journal

John Bunyan: - Grace abounding to the chief of sinners - The holy war - Pilgrim's progress

William Carey: - An enquiry - Life

Samuel Chadwick: - Call to perfection» - The way to Pentecost»

GK Chesterton: - Orthodoxy

William Cowper: - Poems by Mme Guyon (translator)

Charles Dickens: - The life of our Lord

Henry Drummond: - The greatest thing

Alfred Edersheim: - The Temple - Sketches of Jewish Social Life - The life and times of Jesus the Messiah - Vol. 2

Jonathan Edwards: - Religious affections - Select Sermons - Sinners in the hands of an angry God

Early Church Fathers: - The apostolic Fathers with Justin Martyr and Irenaeus - Fathers of the Second Century

Fénelon: - Spiritual progress (with Guyon)

Charles Finney: - Lectures to professing Christians - Power from on high - Revival lectures - Sermons on important subjects

John Flavel: - On keeping the heart

George Fox: - Autobiography

Foxe: - Foxe's book of martyrs

Mme Guyon: - Autobiography - Poems (translated by Cowper) - Short and easy method of prayer (original version of Experiencing Jesus Christ) - Song of Songs (Reflections) - Spiritual progress (with Fenelon)

Walter Hilton: - The ladder (scale) of perfection

St John of the Cross: - Ascent of Mount Carmel - Dark night of the soul

Thomas a Kempis: - Imitation of Christ

Kierkegaard: - Provocations

William Law: - A serious call

Brother Lawrence: - The practice of the presence of God

Ignatius Loyola: - Spiritual exercises

John Milton: - The morning of Christ's nativity - Paradise lost - Paradise regained

Dwight Moody: - Heaven - Lost and found - Some sayings - What must I do to be saved?

Andrew Murray: - Absolute surrender - The deeper Christian life - Deeper life - Divine healing - Helps to intercession - Like Christ - The missionary problem - New life - The power of persevering prayer - The school of obedience - The two covenants - With Christ in the school of prayer - Within - Working for God

Watchman Nee: - The normal Christian life

John Newton: - Life of John Newton (searchable facsimile, 10MB)

John Owen: - Mortification of sin in the believer

Peter Riedemann: - Love is like fire (Confession)

Sadhu Sundar Singh: - Wisdom of the Sadhu

C H Spurgeon: - All of grace - Morning and evening - Sermons - Till He come

Erlo Stegen: - Revival among the Zulus

St Teresa of Avila: - Life - The way of perfection

Theologica Germanica (Anon): - Theologica Germanica

Tolstoy: - Walk in the light and other stories

A W Tozer: - The pursuit of God

William Tyndale (trans): - The Bible (text version) - Facsimile of first printed English NT, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Intro to reprint

John Wesley: - Journal - A plain account of Christian perfection - The use of money

John Woolman: - Journal

Zuendel: - The Awakening (Blumhardt)

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Turning the Pages from the British Library, including digitisations of the Lindisfarne Gospels, the Luttrell Psalter, the Golf Book, the Sforza Hours and the Sherborne Missall.Gutenberg's Bible, the first real book to be printed using the technique of printing which Gutenberg invented in the 1450sTyndale's New Testament